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Tetris competitive upgrade

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Tetris competitive upgrade

Postby Mosaic » Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:02 am

Hi All:

I am in the process of building a 4' x 2' screen for the tetris game and during development I happened upon an idea to make it a competitive game.

Using bicolor LEDs and an additional 4 button controller we can have 2 players onscreen at the same time. Each player piece is a different color

Both players are trying to do the same thing...fill the rows with a shape. However ONLY the last player to completely fill the row gets the score! When the rows are filled they can become a 3rd color, viz. for a green/red bi-color the 3rd color can be the combined orange/yellow.

Programming ups:
Some collision checking for the moving players pieces may be required, or they can be allowed to overlap.
Two player pieces have to be spawned at independent times.
Tracking which player completes the row in order to track scores. Perhaps flash the screen (for a sec) the color of the player who just scored to give feedback before the next play starts.
To make the 4 button control lines serve the double duty for both controllers they would have to work as ADC samples and each controller can use a a different voltage divider to provide the means to separate which controller buttons are being pressed.

To handle the dual color output some additional led matrix driver circuitry is required to handle both source and sink for the rows and cols of the LED matrix.

It sounds doable, can anyone help out with the Swordfish firmware?
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