Color Maximite Computer

I saw reference to the Color Maximite single board computer in Circuit Cellar Magazine and am impressed enough to share it here.  Like desktop computers of old, it has a Basic interpreter built in, along with monitor and keyboard support and an SD card " floppy drive."  The unique feature is that it supports ubiquitous Arduino shields along with I2C, SPI and a number of port pins.  Not bad for $50..  Check out Circuit Gizmos web page for some interesting products.  The description below is from their website.

CGCOLORMAX2  - Color Maximite

Color Maximite-type computer/controller with serial circuit support and prototype area


CGCOLORMAX2 - Color Maximite
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CircuitGizmos Color Maximite

CircuitGizmos is offering the CGCOLORMAX2, the CG version of the Colour Maximite designed by Geoff Graham.

This version of the design includes all of the new features of the Colour Maximite, plus a couple of additional features. The CGCOLORMAX2 has a support for RS485 and dual RS232 circuit that the end user can wire as needed. CAN (Controller Area Network) circuitry is also supported. For any of these serial interface circuits, just add the driver chips. The board also features a prototyping area where additional circuits can be mounted. Board size is 5.7" by 4.0".

The front edge has provision for a full-size SD card. Back of board has keyboard connector, Maximite expansion header (2x13), color VGA, USB, and DC input.

Inside is a populated RTC circuit, the passive components for the serial circuits, and room for an Arduino shield.



Also on the board is a prototyping area - a sea of holes - for user circuits. You can add your interface circuits to the board itself, without having to wire up a board to plug into the Maximite connector. (Assuming your circuit fits in that approximately 6 square inch space.)

It is designed to fit into the CGCOLORMAX2 case.

The CGCOLORMAX2 includes the features of the Colour Maximite.

The Color Maximite is a small and versatile computer running a powerful BASIC interpreter with 128K of working memory.

It will work with a standard VGA monitor and generate eight colours (black, red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, purple and white). The Color Maximite is the latest member of the Maximite family and brings new features including color, stereo music synthesiser, Arduino compatible I/O connector and a battery backed clock.

It also has all the features of the original (monochrome) Maximite including input from a standard PC compatible keyboard or USB, built in SD memory card, BASIC language and rear panel I/O connector with an additional 20 I/O pins.

The CGCOLORMAX2 can be powered from USB, but also comes shipped with a screw terminal connector and a 5.5/2.1mm barrel connector for powering from 8-18VDC. Either the screw terminal or the barrel connector can be soldered in place for the power supply input.